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Allahabad Law Agency is a leading publisher of law books in India, and specializes in a wide range of students’ editions of law books that are written by some of the most highly qualified, talented and renowned authors of Indian academia. The catalogue of books covers almost every topic in law, and has published more than 250 titles. Our catalogue of books includes names of eminent personalities of law such as Dr. Paras Diwan, R. K. Bangia, B. N. M. Tripathi, M. P. Tandon, S. R. Myneni, K. Rai, Narender Kumar, P. S. Jaswal, and many more. We have pioneered in publishing books on topics such as Environmental Law and Cyber Law even before they became a part of curriculum. The firm also offers some law books for the laypersons as almost everybody is dealing with legal issues on a daily basis and yet does not know how to tackle these problems. In addition, some books of related subjects, written by experts of that area, are a value-addition provided by our publishing house. These books are penned in very easy language and many such books are in the pipeline.


The company was established in 1950 by Mr. T. N. Nirula and Mr. B. L. Nirula. With their commitment, hard work, perseverance and passion, the firm has earned respect, faith and admiration from law students, practitioners and academicians. The firm has a rich experience and expertise in publishing books and acumen to find the requisite talent and make it available to the law community for future education.

Books are source of knowledge and wisdom since ancient times, and we are proud to be in the noble profession of publishing books. We continuously update our books so that we make latest information available to law students and academicians. Our books are according to the syllabus of the most renowned universities and are accepted all over the country. The firm regularly participates in seminars, book fairs (Indian and International), student conferences and annual days, and it also takes feed back of students and academicians for improvement in quality of books and understand their needs.

Our strength


  • Best quality at reasonable prices
  • Modern infrastructure for quality products
  • Continuous research & development for constant updation
  • Expert authorship
  • Countrywide availability


We believe that education is meaningless if it lacks quality. Therefore, we publish only quality books and make them available at affordable prices to our students. The books are original works of authors, and are in easy language to make the readers understand in a simple and coherent way. They are well checked for any errors. We do not encourage plagiarized work ensure that any such instance of plagiarism is immediately resolved. The books are made from superfine-quality paper and binding material. The designs of books are very attractive and they are handy. Our panel of experts continuously updates the material and takes regular feedback of students and academicians for improvement.


The firm has state-of-the-art infrastructure for manufacturing of books. There is capacious warehouse for storage of inventory. Proper care is taken while storing and transferring books so that they are not damaged. The firm has capacity to manufacture large quantities of books and can supply it all over the country. We have wide network for promotion and distribution, and we nurture special relationship with booksellers, libraries and law colleges.

Our Authors

We have published books of some of the best authors who have in-depth knowledge and experience, and they are extremely knowledgeable of their areas. Our firm has had a history of finding the right talent and making it available to students and teachers. We have published books of renowned personalities such as Dr. Paras Diwan, R. K Bangia, B. N. M. Tripathi, M.P. Tandon, etc.

Invitation to authors


Allahabad Law Agency is a well known firm in field of law book publishing. We have published a wide assortment of books on law subjects that are written according to the syllabus of Indian universities. Our firm has panel of well-known authors and academicians who continuously strive to provide quality knowledge to students.

Our firm provides a prime opportunity for authors and academicians to spread their writing talent among the most renowned universities and largest readership. The authors, lawyers and academicians who have a manuscript and want it to be published can contact us by phone, email or post, as we are the right platform to showcase your talent and earn respect and admiration of students and teachers. You can be rest assured to receive the best terms and conditions in the industry and instant readership through our well-established and respected brand name.

We have wide network across the country to promote your work and make it successful and shortly a favorite among students, teachers and academia alike. The books are made from top-quality material and designed very attractively. We also participate in many book fairs, college festivals, and library donations where your book can be prominently displayed and showcased. The advertisement of all our books is given special attention, and we maintain warm cordial relationships with book sellers to promote our books. All these activities help in reaching maximum audience and make your book successful.





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